Dogs Assisting Diabetics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to give greater independence to diabetics by providing diabetic alert service dogs to adults and children with insulin dependent type I and type II diabetes.


As a person’s blood sugar reaches dangerous lows, these dogs are able to smell the chemical change the body goes through.  With meticulous techniques, these dogs are trained through positive reinforcement to search for that scent.  The dog will alert the diabetic handler, allowing that person time to take much needed sugar.  Without knowing a person is going through a diabetic low, a person risks coma and even death.  With a companion, friend and guardian by a diabetic’s side, life is just a little more relaxed and free.


You can help an insulin dependent diabetic gain independence and security with the assistance of a diabetic alert service dog.

Dogs Assisting Diabetics is currently seeking donations of the following:

Financial Assistance


Dog Food

Dog Toys

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Dog Beds

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We are currently looking for a grant writer and fundraising volunteers

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Help Needed

Dogs Assisting Diabetics would like to organize a marathon in the near future.  If you have experience organizing a function like this, please contact D.A.D.  We are interviewing people for this committee now!


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Dogs Assisting Diabetics Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit